About us

So, everything I've read and watched has told me that I need to add my keywords everywhere, even in my about me section. And it's supposed to sound natural 不. Really, how do I naturally "sprinkle" these words in a section all about me? Please bare with me for a second while I write; unique handmade jewelry and religious jewelry. Sound natural to you? I didn't think so, but at least we got that out of the way so I can tell you all about me....

Doesn't the thought of writing about yourself fill you with dread? For me it's like being back in middle school, asked to stand in front of the entire class, and telling them three interesting things about myself. Gulp. But I've been told that I am a grownup now, though I find that debatable, so I am going to take a deep breath, or ten, and tell you all about me!

I have always loved anything sparkly, and was probably one of those babies that tried to rip the jewelry off anyone who dared hold me. Thankfully, I soon outgrew that phase and found my first true love; antique and vintage jewelry. I definitely have to thank my grandmother for introducing us! In fact, some of my favorite memories are playing dress up with my grandmother and getting to play with all her jewelry. And she had a lot of jewelry. But what she wouldn't let me play with was her Catholic jewelry, rosaries, and medals. Those I could only look reverently at and silently covet- - yea, yea, I know it was a huge sin. I was little, though, so it shouldn't count!
My first love was multi faceted; antique and vintage jewelry plus religious jewelry with the latter growing into an obsession. I especially love the female Saints and add as many as I can to my religious jewelry. After all, we women have to stick together (unfortunately, though, they are not as easily accessible as their male counterparts, which I blame on the patriarchy不).

As almost everyone does, I grew out of my first love, or so I thought, and went on to other loves. I learned how to solder, dabbled in silversmithing, did a lot of beading and wire work, but always found myself running back to my first love. Yep, my first love and I are back together, forever, and stronger than ever (And that love, I hope, shines through in my jewelry).

I found that a lot of the handmade and religious jewelry available was either too over the top, too simple, or too expensive. I wanted to create jewelry out of antique to vintage necklaces, bracelets, earrings, medals, broken rosaries, and findings that would be fashionable today plus have style and attitude.

My goals have always been to
create jewelry:
- using quality and authentic vintage jewelry for each piece.
- that helps you add an extra layer of cool to your outfit and, with our religious jewelry, to help feed your soul.
- that you don't have to get a bank loan to be able to afford.
- you feel good about purchasing as it's eco-friendly, recycled, and reused jewelry. I also reuse jewelry boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, and ribbon when possible. I'm also moving towards recycled business and thank you cards with water soluble, biodegradable ink, and compostable jewelry boxes and tissue paper.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to answer any of your questions and get to know you better!

Thanks for visiting my shop and supporting my small business,